Sunday, December 19, 2010

flowers sprinkling shining with a beautiful colour . amazing thru the meaning of every single flowers . find the true happiness untiil get the best in life . bees flying to find it's honey from tree to the tree . just same as a human .

let live in joy , not hating those who hate us . learn to joy with people to fell awesome in life . Joy ! Joy ! Joy ! when i would reveal in a rapture . something in joy fell lightness thousand times . out from the darkness sky and get the lightness skies . 

dics :
reveal - make something known
rapture - overwhelming happiness

stars such a good mood in daily life , stars sparkling on night and dissapear on day light . are that amazing ? we such the light that sometime dissapear with no reason that people asking , asking and asking untill get the answer . star is a most beautiful in the universe . star shown his own beautiful light without someone . 

friendship is the second happiness after family . friendship is the place to share the problem with each other , the place we pretending , the place share the story and the place to share the happiness and sadness . friendship also make u feel better and better . a friend gives hope when life is low . friends are such a flower in the garden that bloom when meet with a sunlight .

i'm free . give me freedom , just let me be alone , don't disturb me , stay away from me . i'm happy without  u on the side , i'm happy u respest me as a girl and i'm happy u not only be a part of my body . My World can be Amazing When You're glad happy with me . every moment may not be best , but there's something best in every moment .

I walk , I see , I stop , I watch , I photograph , I happy .  happiness is like a perfume that cannot pour into the other life without getting a few drops . 

create by : syakirah rahim 

happiness dissapeared in a short time and will back happen for the long time . enjoy the little thing in life , for one day u will look back and realize there is another big things . you will find the happiness as u look back upon your life thats moments , and then u will see that u are alone or not alone .